These pages will introduce you to the various career opportunities that Scientia Terrae Research Institute (STRI) has to offer. In addition to information on the selection process, you will also find an up-to-date list of all vacancies.

Enjoy your visit and, who knows, maybe we'll see you soon!

We are always interested in highly motivated people to expand our team of experts. Please feel free to apply spontaneously if you consider yourself and your know-how a surplus for our organization.

Current vacancies

How to apply
If you're interested in working at STRI, you're certainly someone who's focused on the future. Which means that we already have one thing in common. Would you also like to use your personal strengths in your professional life, and develop them further with training? How about advancing your career and branching out in new directions? Great! That's exactly what STRI can offer you. If you consider yourself a suitable applicant for one of the listed positions, you may send your letter of application and curriculum vitae to:

Scientia Terrae vzw
Attn: Tom De Ceuster
Fortsesteenweg 30 A
B-2860 St.-Katelijne-Waver
Fax: +32 15 30 55 99

We try to keep our selection process flexible. Because everyone is different, every interview will be different. We will try to get to know you, to understand your skills and ambitions. Depending on the position, you will sometimes be asked to prepare a presentation or take part in role-playing. If you do well, you will at least get to meet your future boss. In order to help you make a reasoned decision, you will occasionally be asked to talk to potential future colleagues as well. Furthermore, our Recruitment Consultants are there to give you, among other things, more information on STRI and the position for which you are applying.