~ Translate fundamental science into practical solutions and real-world applications ~

Scientia Terrae Research Institute conducts its operations to actively address the needs of industry, government, consumers and society for high quality results, expert information, robust analyses, and utilization of cutting-edge, sustainable technologies in agriculture, food production and environmental health.

In essence, Scientia Terrae is the seamless integration of two operating units (Research and Diagnostics) that define its activities which have resulted in some innovative applications. Each of both units is outlined below. An expanded description may be viewed by clicking on the appropriate unit name "Read more"…

Works with industry organizations, government agencies, and academic partners on projects with careful regard to promoting economic viability and social responsibility.
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Provides clinical diagnostic services and advise for preventing and remediating plant health and food safety concerns.
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The unique position of Scientia Terrae Research Institute at the interface between research and industry has already led to several commercial applications…
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